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„I come to you with only Karate, empty hands, I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons, Karate, my empty hands.“ (Ed parker)

Dieses Bekenntnis ist ein akzeptierter Code für viele Kampfkünstler geworden. Verfasst von Ed Parker im März 1957 bezeichnet es die Lebensweise eines Kampfkünstlers in der heutigen Lebenswelt. Die Zeit verändert unweigerlich Haltungen und Überzeugungen. Demzufolge lässt die Verwendung der Wörter Recht oder Unrecht bei einer erneuten Analyse des Creeds keinen Spielraum für Milde, sobald es darum geht sich selbst zu verteidigen. Geht es um Leben oder Tod, bedeutet es, alles daran zu setzen zu überleben, seine Lieben oder sich selbst zu verteidigen, auch wenn dies den Tod des Gegners bedeutet, sollte es keine Alternative geben. Prinzipien müssen aufrechterhalten und geschützt werden, denn ohne sie ist der wahre Kern und die Seele des Menschen wertlos. Ehre motiviert einen Kampfkünstler zum Handeln, weil sie ihm Würde verleiht. Leere Hände (wie auch andere körpereigene Waffen) ersetzen einem Kampfkünstler handgefertigte Waffen um seine Ehre aufrechtzuhalten. Disziplin, die durch das Training ohne Waffen entwickelt wurde, legt den Grundstein für Gerechtigkeit und Umsicht beim Ausüben der Kampfkunst. Somit fungiert das obige Creed als bestimmender Leitfaden, der den Kampfkünstler bei der Entwicklung eines scharfen Sinnes für Gerechtigkeit unterstützt. (Quelle: Ed Parker – Infinite Insights Into Kenpo)


Für den Gelbgurt sollte jeder Kenpo
Karateka das Kenpo Creed auswendig
können, zudem die Salutation und
auch die ersten Freestyle Techniken.

1.) Delayed Sword
2.) Alternating Maces
3.) Sword of Destruction
4.) Deflecting Hammer
5.) Capture Twigs
6.) The Grasp of Death
7.) Checking the Storm
8.) Mace of Aggression
9.) Attacking Mace
10.) Sword and Hammer
11.) Aggressive Twins
12.) Intellectual Departure
13.) Spreading the Branch
Blocking Set 1
Short Form 1


„I understand that I am but a beginner in a new and fascinating art which will direct me to greater obligations and responsibilities. To honor my obligations and responsibilities I pledge myself to serve my instructor, fellow students, and fellow men.“

1.) Clutching Feathers
2.) Triggered Salute
3.) Dance of Death
4.) Thrusting Salute
5.) Gift of Destruction
6.) Locking Horns
7.) Evading the Storm
8.) Lone Kimono
9.) Glancing Salute
10.) Five Swords
11.) Scraping Hoof
12.) Grip of Death
13.) Repeating Mace
14.) Shielding Hammer
15.) Striking Serpents Head
16.) Crashing Wings
Kicking Set 1
Short Form 1 beidseitig
Long Form 1


„I hold the art of Kenpo sacred and freely take upon myself the obligations and responsibility that I shall never misuse my skill to hurt or make afraid. I shall fight only if forced to defend myself and shall be slow to anger, loath to take offense, quick to forgive, and forget personal affront.“

1.) Twirling Wings
2.) Snapping Twig
3.) Leaping Crane
4.) Buckling Branch
5.) Crushing Hammer
6.) Captured Leaves
7.) Calming the Storm
8.) Crossing Talon
9.) Reversing Mace
10.) Thrusting Prongs
11.) Locked wing
12.) Obscure Wing
13.) Raining Claw
14.) Spiralling Twig
15.) Twisted Twig
16.) Obscure Sword
Stance Set 1
Coordination Set 1
Short Form 2
Own Form (5 Techniken)


„I shall never let my pride rule my passions and will defend with all the skill I posses, the weak, the helpless, and the oppressed. I pledge an unswerving loyalty to the Association and my instructor. In addition, I pledge an unending effort to earn the self-same loyalty from those who look to me for training.“

1.) Twin Kimono
2.) Parting Wings
3.) Thundering Hammer
4.) Swinging Pendulum
5.) Squezing the Peach
6.) Circling Wing
7.) Obstructing the Storm
8.) Darting Mace
9.) Hooking wings
10.) Shield and Sword
11.) Gift in Return
12.) Bow of Compulsion
13.) Charging Ram
14.) Sleeper
15.) Cross of Destruction
16.) Flight to Freedom
Finger Set 1
Striking Set 1
Long Form 2
Own Form (10 Techniken)


„I pledge a continued effort to sharpen my skills, to increase my knowledge, and to broaden my horizons. I shall obligate myself under the direction of my instructor to learn the skills of a teacher which will enable me to teach my skills in the prescribed manner outlined by Mr. Ed Parker and my instructor.“

1.) Begging Hands
2.) Thrusting Wedge
3.) Flashing Wings
4.) Hugging Pendulum
5.) Repeated Devastation
6.) Destructive Twins
7.) Defying the Storm
8.) Crossed Twigs
9.) Snaking Talon
10.) Shield and Mace
11.) Retreating Pendulum
12.) Tripping Arrow
13.) Wings of Silk
14.) Conquering Shield
15.) Entangled Wing
16.) Raking Mace
Coordintation Set 2
Short Form 3
Own Form (15 Techniken )


„I pledge that as my skill as a teacher progresses I will never condemn, ridicule, embarrass, or shame any student or fellow instructor in the presence of a class or group. All grievances or disputes shall be conducted in private away from group observation.“

1.) Dominating Circles
2.) Twist of Fate
3.) Flashing Mace
4.) Detour from Doom
5.) Gift of Destiny
6.) Blinding Sacrifice
7.) Returning Storm
8.) Glancing Spear
9.) Encounter with Danger
10.) Gathering Clouds
11.) Circles of Doom
12.) Squatting Sacrifice
13.) Fallen Cross
14.) Brushing the Storm
15.) Desperate Falcon
16.) Circle the Horizon
17.) Gripping Talon
18.) Broken Ram
19.) Circling Destruction
20.) Obscure Claws
Stance Set 2
Blocking Set 2
Long Form 3
Own Form (20 Techniken)

2. Braungurt

„I understand that like a doctor, the private affairs of students and fellow instructors that come to my attention during the exercising of my responsibilities are privilege communications and must never be discussed with any living soul. I vow to never violate this pledge nor any other for the sake or personal benefit.“

1.) Menacing Twirl
2.) Leap from Danger
3.) Circles of Protection
4.) Rotating Destruction
5.) Broken Gift
6.) Escape from Death
7.) Capturing the Storm
8.) Intercepting the Ram
9.) Back Breaker
10.) Deceptive Panter
11.) Twirling Sacrifice
12.) Heavenly Ascent
13.) Securing the Storm
14.) Falling Falcons
15.) Taming the Mace
16.) Defensive Cross
17.) Cross of Death
18.) Kneel of Compulsion
19.) Bowing to Buddha
20.) Glancing Wing
Staff Form 1
Kicking Set 2
Own Form (20 Techniken)

1. Braungurt

„I honor and hold sacred the right of all men to protect themselves. I further hold that as a trained Martial Artist in Kenpo I will take upon myself all obligations and responsibilities deemed sacred to my God, family, country, and Association.“

1.) Fatal Cross
2.) Thrust into the Darkness
3.) Circling Fans
4.) Dance of Darkness
5.) Falcons of Force
6.) Bear and the Ram
7.) Clipping the Storm
8.) Circling Windmills
9.) Leap of Death
10.) Protecting Fans
11.) Reversinf Circles
12.) Courting the Tiger
13.) Gathering of the Snakes
14.) Raining Lance
15.) Destruction Fans
16.) Unfurling Crane
17.) Unwinding Pendulum
18.) Grasping Eagles
19.) Parting of the Snakes
20.) Glancing Lance
Striking Set 2
Long Form 4
Own Form (20 Techniken)


„I hold that my time and my skill are the assets of my profession, assets which grow in value as I progress in the Art until, as a Third Degree Black Belt, I stand as a fully qualified instructor. It shall also be my responsibility to protect any student from ravenous individuals who would try to take advantage of personal weaknesses to divest the gullible into unprofitable paths, to preserve the sacred things, God, family, country, and Association, I pledge my all.“

1.) Destructive Kneel
2.) Entwined Maces
3.) Marriage Of The Rams
4.) Ram And The Eagle
5.) Escape From The Storm
6.) Thrusting Lance
7.) Capturing The Rod
8.) Prance Of The Tiger
9.) Fatal Deviation
10.) Snakes Of Wisdom
11.) Reprimanding The Bears
12.) Circling The Storm
13.) Entwined Lance
14.) Broken Rod
15.) Twirling Hammers
16.) Piercing Lance
17.) Unfolding The Dark
18.) Defying The Rod
19.) Escape From Darkness
20.) Twisted Rod
Two Man Set
Own Form (25 Techniken)